Question 9 - free-form user response with feedback:

The list below contains the free-form feedback from the 2018 user survey. These suggestions / comments / requests have furhter been created as issues at our GitHub page and will be commented accordingly there.
  1. Would like a polygonal "false curve" guide component with option to choose length of straight sections between welds and number of segments.
  2. Improve the downward compatibility. The step from Versions 1.x to 2.x was for not so frequent users very painful. Make sure that new releases do work.
  3. Multiple scattering in powder sample :-)
  4. Please, include in the manuals detailed cases (examples, special described cases) especially for beginners to keep them use it and promote it. And if you add some basic theory (simple calculations) of components, it would be great to build trust especially for beginners. I mean, calculations cases with respective script to get close results and compare. This will help providing the how-to -use knowledge.
  5. More intuitive use of multi processor / grid computing. New feature: allow neutrons to go back to previous components
  6. Saved configurations in the windows gui don't seem to be well handled. A revised user contributed component and instrument repository would be nice.
  7. Better documentation on the various components and what their limitations are, what particular geometry they like etc
  8. A feature that could be very useful for queued runs in cluster environments with privileges, is the possibility of pausing a run, recording the current state, in case another user has a privilige of using a certain part of the cluster and must interrupt one's run.
  9. It is important to have validated components to improve confidence in the silumations. I found bugs in some components and material files.
  10. I would like a concerted move wth the neutron facilities to provide verified instrument files for all public instruments, which could then be used for basic neutron training with confirable sample scattering compoents.
  11. More robust WHEN statement built in/example generators for compound components (e.g. guides or detector arrays) More flexible include statements
  12. There is always room for improvement with new components. Also, a more extensive section in the manual for the Monitor_nD and for the mirrors
  13. More transparent normalization
  14. more templates for existing instruments
  15. Nothing
  16. 3D visualization without compiling needed. Everytime I add a new COMPONENT the window get refreshed.
  17. At some point a somewhat nicer GUI would be nice to have.
  18. The trace feature does not run very well in Windows - especially 3d trace. The new editor does need an easy "save as" feature. It does cause a lot of errors that McGui keep input paremets even if they are changed in the editor - or a new file vith the same parameters are loaded. I can certainly see that it is usefull at time however I know plenty op people who have wasted a lot of time on this. (I actually don't know if this is still the case in 2.4). Certain components such as monitor_nd do not have documentation that are useful to the common user.
  19. please add a Guide with integrated frame-overlap-mirror into the next version/library. Allow some flexibility to define m-coatings for each guide surface, guide length. Allow for use of polarized/non-polarized beam.
  20. more examples in the component descriptions would be useful
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